Sesame Street

Sesame Street

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Ernie: Burt, I’m afraid he’s gonna get all cold and lonely outside here all by himself Burt. And I don’t want him to be lonely and sad. :06

Ernie: I think I’ll tickle him, he’ll feel that I’m sure. Tickle, tickle tickle. :04

Grover: Yes that is just as I thought. :03

Grover: Allrighty now how may I help you? Oh, it is you. So nice to see you. :04

Grover: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Not so fast. :02

Grover: Ah, I sorry about that. :01

Grover: Ah, ah. I’m very sorry we having these troubles, please stand by. :03

Grover: I think I’ll put on my cute little sunglasses. :05

Grover: What, what the hey? What is that I hear? :03

Grover: Where did my best friend go? Where? Ahhhh. :05

Grover: Hey, hello everybody. This is your old pal Grover. :05

Kermit: Gee that sounds kind of interesting. :01

Kermit: Well hi ho there, this is Kermit the frog. :02

Kermit: Stay with us folks, things could break any minute now. But right now, back to our regular program. :06

Kermit: So do you think, do you think, you can remember next time :03

Kermit: A places please, places everyone. We’ll just try it again. Places, places. Roll camera. :06

Kermit: Places please, here we go, quiet down and roll camera. :04

Kermit: Well there’s not business like snow business. That’s an old show biz joke you know. :05

Oscar: Just pipe down and let’s get on with it. :02

Oscar: Hey don’t press your luck. :01

Oscar: Hey I got em’ this far, you take over from here. :02

Oscar: Well, the test isn’t quite over. Naptime is next. :05

Oscar: Whaddya’ want? :01

Oscar: What took you so long? :01

Oscar: No I’m working on it. :01

Oscar: You, you can do it. :02

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