Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus

Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus

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megashark – I won’t let those bastards harm a hair on your head :03

megashark – The boys are going to tow it out to open sea tonight. You know, before it explodes. :04

megashark – Cool it, Hombre :01

megashark – You should be smiling, this country actually gives a sh*t about what you have to say, :04

megashark – Cupie doll for the Irishman. :01

megashark – Screw these environmentalists, when I give the command, shoot to kill. :03

megashark – What’s next, a little extra credit to pay the rent? :02

megashark – I I captain :01

megashark – When we find the beast, we’re sending him to hell. :02

megashark – We’re not going to decide anything tonight. Ha ha, no, they’ll fire me in the morning. :04

megashark – Get down there and get a proper bead on that beast or I’ll have your wings Colonel. :04

megashark – We should get overtime for this late night sh*t don’t cha’ think? :02

megashark – I heard that! :01

megashark – Captain, I’m picking up a massive underwater disturbance. :02

megashark – No one notified me of this. :01

megashark – They’re not mermaids like you. Yea, well this mermaid is getting canned. :03

megashark – Nuclear weapons may be our only viable option. :03

megashark – Let me guess, our country needs us. :02

megashark – Screw them, those guys are all about the money. :02

megashark – This is tango delta niner, we’ve spotted something. This could be it people. (sfx) :07

megashark – Target destroyed, repeat, target destroyed. Woho… Who wants shark skin boots? :05

megashark – Ah the bloddy feds. They’ll hound you till you’re leaking from every orifice. :05

megashark – These people can be very unplesant when they don’t get their way. :03

megashark – My god I thought I imagined that. :01

megashark – I can’t turn on the TV without hearing about another unexplaned disaster. :04

megashark – Yea, unexplaned doesn’t mean resurrected, prehistoric sea monsters. :03





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    The quote “My god I thought I imagined that” is Debbie Gibson realizing she DID really appear in this movie and is now wondering how the hell she let her agent talk her into this.


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