Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds

Criminal MInds TV Show Sound Bytes and Audio Clips.

Click the sound file link to display and stream the Criminal Minds sound file mp3 player directly under the file name. To download, right-click the file and select “Save Link As…” or “Save Target As…”

I charge extra for groups. :01

DId I say something that upset you? :01

Then you wake up one day and there he is. Someone just as sick and pathetic as you are, and you’re whole world changes. :05

Turns out there’s a lot of sick pups in Central Florida. :03

What do you think you have on me? :01

Hey baby girl, we need to talk. PG or NC17? :03

You’ve gone from completely wrong, to completely insane. :03

You know what you are? You’re lost. :01

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    yo do you think we could get more CRIMINAL MINDS sound bites….please? you know other then MORGAN or GARCIA. love this site.


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