Beverly Hillbillies

Beverly Hillbillies

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This has been a filmways presentation. :02

I’m gonna’ be a double knight spy. :02

If you can’t trust a computer, who can you trust? :02

The computer has never, ever been wrong. :02

Even computers make mistakes. :01

What have I done to deserve this? :02

Ew Doggie. :01

Yes sir that’s what you call a first class double knight spy card. :03

Hot dog. :01

fHey I thought I heard company, howdy there. :01

Congrats chief, how did you do it. :02

What have I done to deserve this? :03

Don’t recken’ you’re all dressed up like that for the trash collector. :03

Well I could be happier. What you got on your mind? :04

By doggies that’s hittin’ low. :02

Just hold everything everybody. :03

Hot dog! :01

Remember what William Jennings Bryant said. Fight hard, but fight clean. But you ain’t fighting clean Granny. Course I ain’t. William Jennings Bryant was a looser. :11

When I give my word I expect you to keep it. :03

That rascal took all my firewood and built a damn across the cement pond. :03

You wanna’ tangle with me? :02

Ohhh Doggie. :01

Every day is a gamble. I figure if I wake up in the morning, I’m a winner. :05

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